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About Our Company

About Cater Cool Engineering

Welcome to the world of Cater Cool Engineering. F&R Technical Services T/A Cater Cool Engineering (CCe) is an owner operated business with a proud history with over 20 years of quality service in the Industrial & Commercial catering industry.

Our story began in 1997 when Jorge Rocha decided to put his entrepreneurial skills to the test as, at a very young age, he made up his mind that working for a boss albeit corporate or government was not for him. He resigned from a very lucrative and comfortable job at Government where he qualified as an electrician and progressed through the ranks and eventually held the position as a Mechanical/Electrical Inspector in the National Department of Public Works before resigning.

After resigning he found himself in a position where he was not sure where his next pay packet or meal was coming from. He used the pension money paid out to him to start the business. At the time it was very daunting for him. F&R Technical Services CC was founded in the same year. Jorge started his newly established business from very humble beginnings doing domestic electrical installations & repairs as well as repairs to industrial & commercial catering equipment using the back of his vehicle as his workshop.  

He soon realized that he had a passion for the catering equipment industry and channeled all his energies in that direction. As the fascination grew, Jorge soon realized that there were shortcomings in the design of some equipment and decided in 1999 to improve and better the design on some industrial catering equipment and entered the manufacturing industry.

In 2003 Jorge acquired a company called ‘Stainless Steel Concepts’ (SSC) as a going concern that was in financial difficulty and also took on a HDI partner. SSC soon built up an excellent reputation in the industry and in 2006 after ensuring its profitability, Jorge decided to sell the SSC to his partner but continued to mentor and support SSC by providing technical support and in the field services.

In 2013 after being in the business for 16 years, Jorge was looking for a new challenge and decided to enter the Import, Export and sales market of good quality Commercial and Industrial catering equipment and supplies sourced from various countries. He established Cater Cool Equipment.

In 2017 Jorge acquired property in Blackheath, Western Cape and built two warehouses to cater for the newly established venture.

Cater Cool Engineering has a highly trained, skilled and experienced workforce that operate 24/7/365, with the expertise and all the necessary vehicles, tools & equipment to undertake repair/maintenance and installation projects of all sizes across all sectors of the market including but not limited to Government, Healthcare, Industrial & Commercial, Export, Hospitality (Restaurants, Guest Lodges etc.), Conferencing facilities and the like.

Projects that have been completed to date include projects for Government, restaurants, hospitals, catering companies and the like.

Cater Cool Engineering currently only have a footprint in the Western & Eastern Cape. Cater Cool Engineering aim to become a trusted brand that will be not only focusing on the local economy of the Western Cape but will expand both Nationally and also into the African continent and in so doing promote job creation opportunities.


About us

Our Executive Team

Jorge Rocha

Jorge Rocha

Ossie Lamb

Ossie Lamb

George van der Westhuizen

George van der Westhuizen

Jorge an extraordinary entrepreneur, is an electrician by trade with over 25 years’ experience. He began his career in the Dept of  Public Works in 1984 and qualified in 1988. In 1997, Jorge resigned from the Department to establish F&R Technical Services.

For 16 years he focused his business primarily on the maintenance, service & repair of Industrial & Commercial catering equipment and in 2013 decided to embark on the sales side of the catering equipment business. He established Cater Cool Engineering (CCe) in 2013.

Ossie hails from a mechanical engineering background having qualified at Iscor (Vanderbijlpark) in 1979 as a Mechanical Fitter, after completing a 4 year apprenticeship. He joined Government in 1984 as an Assistant Mechanical Inspector. He decided to take early retirement in 2017, after 33 years of dedicated service. At retirement Ossie had 20 years management experience and was Deputy Director of the property management division at the Western Cape Regional office of the National Department of Public Works.

Jorge heard of Ossie’s departure from the Government and approached to assist him with his new venture so that he could focus on the manufacturing. Ossie joined Jorge in September 2018 as General Operations Manager.

Six years after joining the SANDF as a permanent force member, George at the then age of 24 decided to  join Escom where he studied and qualified as a Mechanical Engineer.  After spending 10 years at Escom he decided that it was time to move on and joined Airco (Old) which was part of the Tek corporation as Area Manager. He then acquired one of the first agencies in SA for Daikin Air-conditioning servicing the Mpumalanga, Northern district and Mozambique areas. He later sold the company and moved to Cape Town where he was appointed area manager for Airco (new).  In 2015 he went into retirement but decided 3 years later that retirement was not for him. He joined Cater Cool Engineering (CCe) in December 2018 as Projects & Sales Manager.

What we Do


Importers & Exporters

Cater Cool Engineering is a direct importer and exporter of good quality hand selected Commercial & Industrial catering equipment sourced from various countries across the globe. In order to ensure the quality is maintained we have agents that perform quality checks on all imported equipment.

Cater Cool Engineering has positioned itself to export into the African continent its quality range of equipment



We at Cater Cool Engineering  manufacture Industrial Steam generating Cooking Pots, Stainless Steel Extract canopies, stainless steel tables, Tilting Frying pans and the like. In addition Cater Cool Engineering’s custom designs, manufacture and supply catering equipment to clients specifications.


Sales, Services & Repairs

Good customer service is directly related to customer satisfaction. We at Cater Cool Engineering understand this and are focused on forging good relationship with all our clients before, during and after the sale. We offer a 24/7/365 maintenance and repair service.

Years in the industry

product range

We are a member of:



Currently our products include good quality range of Heating equipment (both Gas & Electric), Cleaning and washing, Refrigeration including Ice machines, Processing , Handling and storage, Weights and measure ranges as well as Smalls & Utilities. Cater Cool Engineering aims to expand its product list so as to cater for all the needs of our valued clients (old and new) and eventually become a one stop shop.



Services that we offer include 

  • Kitchen Design and layout,
  • Project Management,
  • Turnkey Projects,
  • Technical support including, Warranty Servicing, Maintenance & Repairs of all types of catering equipment.



Current clients include Government, Restaurants, Healthcare, coffee shops, Commercial & Industrial establishments, Hospitality institutions, fast food establishments to mention a few.

Find Us

14 Utilis Street, Blackheath,
Western Cape, 7581


+27 21 205 5370

Operating Hours

M-F: 8:00am – 4:30pm