SOGECO Convection Oven B-Chef 0611EC- Manual

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Dimensions: 940 x 840 x 805mm
Voltage: 380-415(3N)V 50/60Hz
Power: 9.3kW

Load Capacity: 6 Pan Manual

The solution is Sogeco’s b.Chef, a multifunction cooking system that allows the preparation of hot dishes and snacks in an easy, quick and convenient way.  B.Chef is the solution for Light Gastronomy segment.

Versatility, power and simplicity, make it the ideal support for all those commercial activities that involve the preparation and heating of dishes in limited spaces and often without the assistance of personnel with specific preparation.
The technical characteristics and the mechanical components make it a complete, reliable and long-lasting oven.

The combination between ARIA and AQUA for precise control and adjustment of the conditions in real time inside the cooking chamber. Any variance of humidity is immediately self-regulated.

ARIA Dry System: The dry cooking method thanks to an automatic valve that opens whenever needed removes the steam inside the cooking chamber. ACQUA Steam System: An instantaneous steam introduction system at any temperature.